Zephan has been homeschooled his whole life. His high school graduation on May 28th, 2016 finalizes his formal homeschool education, from which point he will commence learning from the school of life. He has many and varied interests, computer games being foremost in how he prefers to spend his time, but he also enjoys crafting boffer weapons and engaging in mock combat with them. He is interested in horses, coffee and blacksmithing. He has worked on the Visions game development team as a worldbuilder, tester and python scripter. He has performed in Shakespeare plays with Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits during his Middle School and High School years. He wrote and self published a book of short stories as part of a homeschool assignment in 2014.

Moving forward, Zephan wants to learn how to craft live steel weapons and armor as a blacksmith. He also wants to accomplish the feat of growing coffee in the Pacific NorthWest, using greenhouses. He would like to own horses someday, and enjoys spending time with them.